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Monthly Fees and Delivery Details
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Through a lease agreement with Moonique Dairy, members pay an annual membership fee of $10 per share. By joining this lease, members own a leasehold interest in our herd of Jersey cows and can legally drink the raw milk from their own cows. Members then pay monthly share fees in proportion to the number of shares they are leasing, which cover the cost for the care and boarding of their cows, as well as the costs of delivery of their milk and various supplies (i.e. jugs and caps, ice, gas, etc.).

The monthly boarding & delivery fee for one full share is $30.00 (or $26 boarding fee if you pick up your products at the farm), and in exchange for each share, leased members are entitled to the equivalent of one gallon of milk per week from their cows. Half shares are available for $15.00 which entitles members to the equivalent of one half gallon of milk per week. Extra shares may also be leased as the need arises within your family.

The number of gallons per monthly share will vary depending on the number of delivery days in that month (i.e. if there are five Mondays in one month, then members at that delivery would receive five gallons of milk per share in that month). Monthly boarding fees can be paid in the form of cash or check (made out to Moonique Dairy). You will receive an invoice sometime after the last delivery of the month, and before the first delivery of the new month, and payment is due promptly at the first delivery day of each month.

Members must inform Moonique Dairy two days before delivery time of any changes in delivery location or if they cannot be there for that delivery. If a member will be out of town or not able to make it to that weeks' delivery, we will hold that weeks' milk over and they may pick up two weeks worth the following week, but please let us know if you're planning to do this. However, if a member does not pick up their milk and has not contacted Moonique Dairy to make other arrangements, those gallons cannot be rolled over to the next week and will be lost. The member will still pay the full monthly fee, even if they miss a pick-up, since they are paying for boarding their cow, and not for the milk! Their cow will keep eating and require care regardless if they take her milk!

Delivery times & locations on Mondays

  • 5:45-6:15 pm: 10441 Shaver Rd, Portage, UUCC Community Church

  • 6:45-7:15 pm: 1758 N. 10th St, Kalamazoo, Peoples' Church

  • 8:15-8:30 pm: 60409 M-40, Paw Paw, Seventh Day Adventist Church

Delivery times & locations on Thursdays

  • 5:50-6:20 pm: 3631 Covington Rd, Kalamazoo, St Andrew Community Church

  • 6:45-7:15 pm: 507 Harrison St, Kalamzoo, behind PFC Natural Grocery & Deli

Farm pick-up is also available, if this is a more convenient to your location.

Please contact Tyler & Nadine Stutzman at info@mooniquedairy.com with further questions.

Thank you!


Fresh milk should last for 7-10 days if kept cold. According to the “Consumers’ Guide to Fresh, Whole, Unprocessed Milk: Safe Handling” by Peggy Beals, “There must be no break in the cold chain… This aspect or risk management begins with the immediate rapid cooling of milk after milking and continues through all the steps of dispensing, transport, and storage. The ideal goal for home storage is to hold milk between 35°F and 38F°. ” This greatly affects the taste and holding ability of your milk! (In our opinion storing farm fresh milk in a closed glass container and keeping it ice cold is the ideal way to ensure good taste and quality!)

Check out our OTHER PRODUCTS page for other quality food delivered with your milk!

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